1.  Q. - How many automotive batteries can I drop off at no charge at a Free Disposal Event?

     A. - You can drop off as many automotive batteries as you want at no charge.

 2.  Q. - Does the battery need to be packaged or wrapped or in a box?

     A. - No, you can drop off the batteries individually, they do not need to be wrapped or packaged in any way.

 3.  Q. - Will there be someone who can help me unload the batteries from my vehicle?

     A. - Yes, we will be happy to help you unload your automotive batteries from your vehicle.

 4.  Q. - My battery is full of acid, is that OK?

     A. - Yes, as long as your automotive battery is properly sealed and is not cracked or leaking we can accept it at no charge.

 5.  Q. - I cannot make the event date, but I have batteries I need to dispose, what can I do?

     A. - Please email or call us, we can make arrangements to do a pick-up (for a fee) on another date.

 6.  Q. - I have large industrial batteries that I need to dispose of, can I bring those?

     A. - Yes, in addition to the automotive batteries, we can accept, for a fee, industrial batteries.  Please call or email us for rates.

 7.  Q. - My commercial business has several batteries that I need to dispose of, can I bring them down on the day of the event?

     A. - Yes, we are accepting automotive batteries for free disposal from both private residents and commercial businesses.  In addition, if needed, we can provide businesses with proper disposal documentation for their state/federal requirements.

 8.  Q. - I generate scrap batteries every week, can I schedule a regular pick-up or drop off?

     A. - Yes, we are pleased to offer a service that includes regular pick-up of scrap automotive batteries.

 9.  Q. - I have some scrap tires I want to get rid of, can I bring those too?

     A. - Yes, we are very happy to accept any and all sizes of scrap tires, please note in most cases a disposal fee will apply.